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OurTime Dating Review

OurTime is a dating site designed with the 50+ demographic in mind. It’s known for providing a safe environment and a range of features like PromoteMe and Virtual Gifts.

The user interface, though a tad outdated, is intuitive with various useful tabs and lists. OurTime operates on a subscription model ranging from $29.96 for a month to $71.94 for six months. There are enticing extras available for purchase. The company emphasizes data encryption and user vigilance for safety.

Many success stories have originated from this platform. By probing further, you’ll discover many more in-depth aspects associated with OurTime Dating.

Why We Picked it?

OurTime stands out as an excellent choice for mature singles looking to connect and find meaningful relationships online. With its user-friendly interface and dedicated community, OurTime caters specifically to individuals over 50, providing a safe and welcoming environment to meet like-minded people. The site’s robust features, including tailored matchmaking and easy navigation, make it easy for older adults to navigate the world of online dating with confidence. Whether you’re seeking companionship, romance, or friendship, OurTime offers a platform where age is celebrated and connections flourish.


Overall Rating

Who It’s For?

OurTime is designed specifically for singles aged 50 and above who are looking to explore the world of online dating. It caters to individuals who may be newly single due to divorce or widowhood, as well as those who have been single for a while and are now ready to find companionship or romance. The platform is ideal for mature adults who appreciate a straightforward approach to dating, offering a community where they can connect with others in their age group who share similar life experiences and interests. Whether you’re seeking a serious relationship or simply companionship, OurTime provides a supportive and inclusive environment tailored to the needs of older singles.

OurTime’s Privacy and Safety Measures

As you navigate the world of online dating, understanding OurTime’s privacy and safety measures becomes essential for maintaining a secure experience. OurTime is dedicated to guaranteeing your safety, but it’s also up to you. You need to be vigilant and utilize the tools provided.

OurTime uses an internal system to monitor activity and ensure the safety of its members. This includes detecting suspicious profiles and promptly removing them. They also make efforts to encrypt your personal data to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure. However, they do advise that no method of transmission over the internet is 100% secure, so you should use caution when providing information.

Concerning privacy, OurTime allows users to control who can see their profile and personal information. You can limit your visibility to only those you’ve expressed interest in, ensuring your comfort and safety. OurTime also provides safety tips for online and offline dating, equipping you with knowledge to navigate the dating world safely.

While OurTime takes measures to guarantee your safety, you should also take steps to protect yourself. Remember, safety first when it comes to online dating.



Frequently Asked Questions

You’re wondering about OurTime’s discounts and promotions, right? Unfortunately, they don’t typically offer special deals for new users. However, you’ll find their prices reasonable, even without discounts. Remember, it’s the experience that counts!

You’ll find OurTime’s features like PromoteMe and MatchMe quite effective. PromoteMe boosts your profile visibility, while MatchMe puts you in daily matches. However, they’re not free and you’ll need tokens for their activation.

You might find OurTime’s measures for handling inactive or fake accounts somewhat lacking. They’ve set up an email verification and phone number validation during sign up, but there’s limited identity verification beyond that.

Yes, you can purchase OurTime tokens and boosts as gifts for other users. They’ll appreciate this thoughtful gesture that enhances their experience, making their profiles more visible and their interactions more engaging on the platform.

You’re curious about success stories from younger users on OurTime, aren’t you? Unfortunately, OurTime primarily caters to the 50+ age group, so it’s less likely you’ll find many success stories from those below this age range.


To conclude, OurTime offers a user-friendly platform tailored for singles over 50. While membership costs may seem steep, they provide access to numerous features designed for a safe and successful dating experience. Always prioritize your privacy and remember to seek help from customer support when necessary. Ultimately, numerous success stories attest to OurTime’s effectiveness. However, your experience will depend on your personal preferences and online dating strategy.

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